Application of integrated geophysical methods in archaeological site: Belgrado di Varmo

Our objective was to identify the remains on an ancient MIddle Age castle near the Varmo river. 

A GPR survey was conducted both inside and outside the church of Belgrado were some buried remnants were supposed to exist: a 3D grid of closely spaced profiles (0.5 m) was acquired by georadar SIR2000 (200 MHz and 500 MHz). A magnetometric survey was also carried out along the same profiles, while 2D and 3D ERT was employed outsidethe church.

After excavations we found: a tomb, 3 buried walls near the church and a particular circular structure in front the church.

COLLABORATIONS: Associazione La Tor di Belgrado di Varmo

MY CONTRIBUTION TO THE PROJECT: Acquisition, processing and interpretation GPR data.