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In the OGS I have collected seismic data around the world. In the last years I collaborated in several project for acquiring high resolution seismic data in water. The acquisistion system is a boomer composed by a power unit (Pulsar2002-CEA), an electro-dynamic transducer (UWAK-NAUTIK) and a mono-channel streamer (EG&G and GEO-RESOURCES). The maximum impulse rate is 8 pulses/second at 150 Joule but I use only 2-3 pulses/s. The source is mounted on a catamaran frame that allows the plate to be suspended at a constant depth of 30 cm, leading to a strong reduction of dragging turbulence.The active section of streamer (8 hydrophones) is 2.8 m. A navigation system (Navpro-COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY) is used together with a DGPS. The acquisitor is SB-Logger (TRITON) a 24 A/D, in the past I used Delph2.
Now we have a second one boomer: AAE A301!

Signature I measured the boomer signature with 8103 Bruel & Kjaer. It's not bad. The signal is a good spike and has a good repeatibility.



Portability The Pulsar is not light (70kg) but all system can be put in little boats.

Note: All seismic data collected and processed by luca baradello in OGS

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last modified: 28 05 2011