SEismic hazard assessment for the Tbilisi test Area

Sponsored by: Minister for Foreing Affaire of Italy (MAE) Roma, Italy 

Il progetto SETA una cooperazione supportata dal Governo Italiano con la legge 212/92

SETA mira a trasferire il Know How sismologico, di rischio sismico e di geofisica applicata dall'OGS ai partners Georgiani.

Ci si prefigge di:


The SETA Project is a co-operation project supported by the Italian Government by Italian law 212/92

The importance of seismic hazard is well known for reconstruction after a big earthquake, urban planning and old building retrofitting.

The aim of the project is the transfer of the know how from OGS to the Georgian partners. Topics of the project are: seismology, seismic hazard assessment, and applied geophysics.

The our goals are:

By the SETA project it will be possible to improve the number of seismic stations of the Georgian seismometric network. This will allow the development of many new positive elements, first of all, the definition of a new seismic code for infrastructure and the residential buildings.
The Italo-Georgian group will create new methods and technologies which may be transferred in other field, such as: hydrocarbon, minerals and water searching, archaeological prospecting, landfill studies, construction of new infrastructures (roads, pipelines, etc).
This with the aim of the consolidation of the partnership between OGS and the Georgian team for future project for the economical and social development of Georgia.

PARTNERS: Istituto Nazionale di Oceanografia e di Geofisica Sperimentale - OGS, M.Nodia Institute of Geophisics. Georgian Academy of Sciences - IG Tbilisi-Georgia, Georgian Technical University - GTU Tbilisi-Georgia 

MY CONTRIBUTION TO THE PROJECT: Acquisition, processing and interpretation GPR data. GPR Lectures.

Example of GPR section collected in Tbilisi.


5-8 giugno 2005 trieste
 geophysical course 
gennaio 2005 trieste

GPR lecture and data acquisition near Tbilisi
GPR lecture in OGS: basic concepts, instrument, acquisition, processing and applications.