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I always thought that chirp data could be treated as ultra high resolution seismic. The common envelope chirp technique degrades the resolution and loses information. For that I prefer to process the uncorrelated data as land vibroseis. In the paper An improved processing sequence for uncorrelated Chirp sonar data (Marine Geophysical Research doi:10.1007/s11001-014-9220-1) I show the method to obtain ultra high resolution seismic data from uncorrelated data. The kernel is to find a minimum-phase wavelet equivalent to sweep chirp. The Wiener filter, which transforms sweep into wavelet, is applied to all uncorrelated dataset. After, to attenuate the ripples, you can use a predictive deconvolution (dataset is minimum-phase). Lateral resolution can be improved with FX deconvolution, vertical with migration :)

Example envelope vs minimum-phase chirp.

Note: All chirp data collected by R/N Explora - OGS. I thank dr. R. Codiglia.

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last modified: 04 2014